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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY: Painted Wall Paper

So you may remember last summer Kev and I got crafty and made our own upholstered  headboard. Well in that post not only can you see how to make a fab headboard that we still use and love, but you can also see the terrible color of our bedroom walls. We have since painted the room, well Kev accidentally painted the room the color that the bathroom was supposed to be, the bedroom was supposed to be light grey. I can not complain because he did surprise me while I was on a trip and paint pretty much the whole house. Once that happened I didn't want to paint over it but I decided to try out some DIY skills again. I had seen tons of examples of "painted" wallpaper all over pinterest and finally decided to paint the back wall. I used this tutorial and it included a stencil that I was happy with. Turns out I also have this pattern in a rug in my kitchen...clearly I am digging it right now. 

End Result : Love it, SO EASY, totally not perfect, and learned a TON for next time. 

Time: About 2-3 hours (you could also easily split it up and do it over a few days)

Learning: The next time I do this project I will make sure my stencil is 100%, I think mine was a little off. I ended up eyeing a ton and hand painting a lot, which turned out fine but for sure not perfect. I also think the next time I am going to try to use a clear gloss paint so it is more just a texture than a graphic, I think it will be interesting, you will see it more/less in certain light! 
With that said: Below is how and what I used for this fun DIY. 
What you need: 
Stencil (from here)
Cardboard (old shoe box)
Pencil(s) (you will need it to trace the stencil)
Paint Brush (the size of the brush will be the size of the lines, something to think about)
Paint (you don't need a ton, I used some left over light grey that I had from the other rooms)
Level (I tried to use this a lot but got lazy and gave up)
1. Create or download a stencil, copy it onto cardboard and cut it out. Try to make the pattern as perfect as possible, it will obviously effect the pattern on the wall

2. Trace design onto the wall...over and over and over...(I did my in segments so I didn't get tired, this is also where you use the level to make sure your not going all over the place, like I said above I used it to begin and then got lazy. A good maker is if your top lines and bottom lines are ending in the same place, then you know you are going pretty much straight.)

3. Paint over the lines..and paint and paint...I used a small cup to hold paint so I could keep it in my hand and re-dip when needed. You get into a flow if you use this pattern and realize its a lot of the same movements.

4. Realize it won't be perfect but once it is done you can make small adjustments and corrections, if you have some matching wall paint you can correct lines if necessary, or cover any bumps, I am left handed so sometimes my hand gets in the way when I do things! Once the pattern is done you won't even notice the imperfections.
Sorry about the poor quality of this photo but this was too cute not to share. Hero loves the new painted walls, he also loves to snuggle. So there you have it. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY: How to Make A Christmas Wreath

I am to cheap to buy a fresh wreath even though I love smelling the fresh cut tree smell every time I open my door, so I decided to get crafty this holiday season and attempt to make my own fresh Christmas wreath. It was amazingly easy, and pretty cheap too! I was able to get the tree trimmings from our local Lowes for free, they were more than happy to give away the extra trimmings, I took a trunk full just in case. I bought some ribbon, the wire frame, Wilt Stop and the fixings with gold sparkle of course from the Michael's across the street, and lucky for me they were having a 40% off sale! I watched one you tube video and I was off.  I also you tubed how to make my own bow, which actually turned out to be pretty simple as well, besides the fact the dog would grab hold of the end every time I made a loop. I am on the hunt now for a 4ft wreath frame to make a large wreath for my parents, if you have any suggestions on where I can get one let me know! Keep reading for images and quick directions for my DIY: How to Make A Christmas Wreath! 
What you need:
Tree Trimmings (Got mine for free at Lowes)
Wire Frame (mine is 18' there are many sizes)
Tree fixings (like sparkly pine cones)
Wire cutters & Trimmers
Light weight floral wire for wrapping 
Wire edge ribbon

About 1 Hour
1. Cut several branches of greens
2. Use floral wire to attach branches to the wire frame (as pictured above), 
wrap tightly in case the branches shrink when they dry
3. Continue adding layers of green around in the same direction (as pictured above)
4. Trim any uneven pieces with your trimmers 
5. Spray with floral spray or wilt stop to ensure it lasts until Christmas
6. Add a bow & trimmings, like pine cones 
7. Hang & Enjoy!

Remember nothing you do needs to be perfect, the imperfections mean so much more than something that is just cranked out at a factory. These wreaths make great gifts and can be done SO many ways, you can add whatever you like to make it your own, this would be such a good girls night activity too! Champagne, Christmas music & wreath making, sounds like a dream come true to me. Enjoy! Let me know if you try it in the comments below! Happy Holidays <3

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY upholstered headboard Tutorial with nail-head trim & tufting

I am so excited to share with all of you a little DIY project K and I worked on a few weeks back. We moved into a new place in March and finally have some more space to spread out and have an "adult" home. In my eyes we still have a lot of work to do, but we have come a long way. We made a new hardboard for our bedroom, and then made another for good friends of ours. I swear this is so simple, it does help to have two people but you could totally accomplish this on your own. The second headboard we made was a breeze compared to the first, we finished it in about two hours, so practice makes perfect, this made such a good gift for our friends who recently bought their first home <3
The lovely headboard in this photo from Pottery Barn, is amazing and so so perfect, but it also costs around $2000, which we just don't have to spare right now and my husband already nearly fainted when I came home with a couch that was around the same price, so I will spare myself. The headboard we made probably in total cost us $200, but we ended up making two from the wood, so in total we probably spent $350 for 2 headboards. Yea, that cheap. Here is how we did it, you can add or take away as much or as little as you would like, remember this is a DIY, Do It Yourself!

Here is a list of what you will need:

Next you need to buy all of your supplies, here is what you will need:
Staple Gun or heavy duty stapler
Jig saw or hand Saw
1/2 inch thick particle board -- 2-4 inches wider than your bed - I went with 56" high x 78" wide (King Size)
1-2 inch thick foam (you can also use egg crates if you find them on sale, foam is not cheap!)
Batting - about 2-3 inches larger than the size of the headboard so you can wrap it around
Fabric of choice - again 2-3 inches larger so that it can wrap around and be stapled

If  you decide to add tufting you will need:
DIY upholstered button Kit - 9-12 Buttons for Tufting (Optional)
Wax Thread for tufting
Large needle
Black Marker
Electric drill (for tufting)

For nail-head detail:
small hammer
1 package of nail-head trim

To hang on the wall:
Heavy duty picture frame hangers (x4)

How To Directions: 

First you must pick the shape: Then you need to calculate the size of the fabric, batting & foam you need. We did Grosvenor for ours and Belgrave for the other one we made. Once you have picked the shape of your headboard, draw out the shape with a ruler, a pencil tied with string to make a perfect circle or half circle (for once school taught you something!), or anything you have on hand, you can also keep the headboard rectangular which involves no cutting. The drawing of the headboard probably took us the longest because we were debating on which shape to choose, we didn't have a jig saw so we had to go out and buy one, because once K was in on this headboard, he was all in.
We then drew the shape on the particle board and K used the jig saw to cut it out, he didn't trust my skills to cut it myself, he is also such a perfectionist, and thinks I would have totally messed it up. (I may have
After the shape is cut out we placed the foam over the shape of the headboard and cut away any excess. We used a few staples to keep the foam in place. We then used a marker to place out where the buttons for the tufting were going to go, this took a bit of time because it had the two of us doing math...not our strongest subject. K then drilled holes where the buttons were going to go through both the foam and the particle board.
Once the holes were drilled we laid the large piece of batting over the headboard making sure there were no uneven or scrunched areas, we doubled up the batting because I wanted the headboard to be super comfy. Also make sure that there is enough batting  to hang over the edges so it can be stapled down.
We then pulled the batting tight over the edges and stapled all the way around, I held the material and K stapled every few inches to ensure a tight and flush fit. We left the corners for last and then just pulled the material best we could over the edges, and to be honest no one is going to see the back, it is going to be against the wall, so do what you gotta do here.
After the batting layer was done we cut of the excess batting and laid the material we were going to use over the headboard and did the same exact steps we did for the batting, K stapled and I pulled the material taught. This layer was much more important that it wasn't pulled weird or bunching. Make sure you take your time and keep looking at this layer as you go.
Next, K cut the excess fabric off, I am left handed and always have such a damn hard time with scissors (left handed people are totally on my page right now) While he cut the excess fabric off, I took the pieces and opened the DIY button upholstery kit and made all of the buttons using the left over scraps. This is so easy to do, K was so impressed with my "skills".

We stood the headboard up and then used the needle and wax thread to sew the buttons on and create the tufting, this part seems way more difficult than it really is, to be honest, if you can sew a button on clothes, you can tuft a headboard. K was actually the one who ended up getting all the needles back through the hole again, my patience was lingering so I just held the thread at the end and held the headboard up. We then threw a few staples in the back of the board over the waxed thread the keep the button tight which causes the tufting.
Once that was done we where practically done and could have totally stopped there, but I bought the nail head trim and figured I would give it a try. It is so easy to use, you literally unwind it lay it where you want it on the headboard, we did ours around the edges, and it comes with a box of individual tacks that you hammer into the trim pieces with the holes in them. So Simple! If I knew this is how easy it was I would nail-head trim everything, and I still may...
We carried it upstairs, hung it behind your bed with some heavy duty picture or mirror hangers, or you could even make it tall enough to lean, or even attach legs onto it. The possibilities are endless.
Then TA-DA!!! The final product, we are quite pleased with ourselves. This is really one of our first DIY projects in our new place, besides getting the yard in shape, and as newlyweds we worked quite well together and I think there will be a boat load of other DIY projects in our near future, I am thinking DIY rustic dining table....(shh don't tell K, I like to just come home with the supplies) I am also planning on painting the house this fall, all of our walls are a nude/beige color that isn't terrible, but it isn't good. So once I get the walls in the bedroom a nice light grey color this headboard will look even better. I will give you all en update once the room is finished.
If you do make your own headboard make sure you send me your photos! Or tag me in them on Instagram @sobeanie or tweet it to me @so_beanie. I would love to see them! Happy DIYing

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

homemade coffee body scrub

Do you know how many uses there are for leftover coffee grounds? I usually use them in my garden for acid and composting, but more recently I made this great Coffee & Sugar body scrub.

It turns out that coffee, or really just the caffeine in coffee is an antioxidant that breaks up cellulite deposits and tightens skin when used externally. I know you have seen all of the trendy new companies coming out with coffee scrubs, here is a great example. Well I am about the give you a recipe you can easily make yourself at home, for much cheaper.

The exfoliating nature of raw sugar mixed with the antioxidant power of the coffee, and the magical wonders of coconut oil is a perfect combo. (other uses for coconut oil here)
The ingredients and recipe are easy: 

Coffee & Sugar Scrub Recipe:
1/2 cup sugar in the raw
1/4 cup coarsly ground coffee
1/3 cup coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and store in a air tight container. Exfoliate & Enjoy! 

Don't worry if you don't drink coffee, well more power to you, you can get your hands on coffee grounds from your local Starbucks, they give the grounds away if you ask for them!
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