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Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter Neutrals

Sweater: Banana Republic // Scarf: American Eagle // Jeans: Current Elliot // Booties: Nordstrom // Beanie: Primark // Sunglasses: LOFT

So long sweet winter..March is right around the corner, literally. I can't wait for the spring and summer. I can't wait to garden, flower weddings, and hopefully get a damn tan. I am legit so pale its scary! I am hoping Kev and I catch a break and run away to Florida for a weekend, but I won't hold my breath, but hey i'll keep my hopes alive. We could both really use some down time. 

I am obsessed with these jeans I got in NYC. They are Current Elliot and they were $10 a piece....what!?!?! I know! My sweater was only $20 from banana republic. I am all about neutrals right now, especially in the winter, I know most people go to black but this winter was about neutrals for me! I think this color palette will continue into spring and summer too. 

I know I will be shedding layers this spring and summer so I need to get my but back in gear in the gym. Being so busy that was the first thing to drop off the to do list, but that's super dangerous, not only for my bikini bod but for my mental health. Working out is a keep an eye out for more workout inspo from me!  =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How To: Layered Long Sweater

Long Cardi: Banana Republic (similar) // LS Tee: TJ Maxx (similar less than $20) // Scarf: Primark (similar on sale) // Jeans: Primark (similar on sale) // Heels: Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Forever 21

Well it is officially freezing here in Mass, which calls many many layers and our new mantle with a faux fireplace to be on 24/7. I would say yesterday was the first day when walking the dog I began to run because it was too dang cold, I think even he wanted to run home! Yesterday also marked my 27th birthday. I managed to get through it with out too much fuss. more year closer to 30,  not that I think 30 is old, there is just so much that I want to get done before 30 rolls around. I guess the best thing to do is just keep your head down and keep trudging through the mud. 

I'm not going to say much about to look because its pretty straight forward, but I will give you all a tip I learned through being an observant blogger. I used to just put a cardigan on and that was that, but now I really think about what I am going to wear under it. I typically would never wear a long sleeve under it, mainly because I felt suffocated, or well though I did. I noticed some of my fav bloggers, Blair from Atlantic Pacific mainly, wearing long sleeves under their cardis  or jackets etc and I love the way the multiple layers looks. The little pop of color of whatever you are wearing. In my opinion it makes the outfit look extra finished. Try it next time, and if you already do this...well then you go glen coco.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Navy & Yellow

Top: Zara (similar) // Shorts: BCBGeneration(adorable option) // Heels: Banana Republic // Clutch: JCrew // Sunnies: Retro Super Future via Ditto Endless Program (Use code sobeanie for first month free!)

You must ignore my wrinkledness, this is the real life of a busy blogger, when you spend a REAL whole day in an outfit vs a FAKE whole day. #thestruggleisreal I love the yellow and navy combo, maybe because blue and gold are my high school and college colors, or maybe because I like that it can seem pretty neutral even though it is two colors. Really navy is a neutral so it really goes with anything, like green and pink, which are more common navy combo's.  Navy and yellow are a good way to start branching out with your color combinations. They are not to bold but enough color that you feel like you are actually branching out. I also LOVE navy and orange, that is another good combo to try. 

I know we are talking about my outfit here but can we talk about those hydrangeas in the back?  I really wanted to cut some but refrained as it may have not ended well. Now that I have been overly flowering I am always looking for what I can cut and use in my arrangements, it makes driving really hard, i'm like "ohh shinny thing...oh crap stay in your lane!" I can only imagine how it will be in the fall and spring, two of my favorite seasons! Enough about flowers...for today..Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Speckled Clutch // Munich Apartment

Shorts: Banana Republic // Tunic: Old Navy // Shoes: DSW (similar, similar $13) // Sunnies: Retro Super Future via Ditto // Clutch: Walter & George // Bracelet: Ann Taylor

Hi!! please ignore the bruises on my legs...forever bumping into things!

So this was the balcony of the adorable Munich apartment my brother and his wife Air B&B'd for the week. The weather was pretty much perfect every day I was there so this adorable plant filled porch was dreamy and oh so perfect. I always leave Europe thinking.."Man I have too much stuff, then  I come home and buy more...typical American ways...;)

Everyone calls the hem of these shorts something different. Banana Republic calls it a dolphin hem(which I kind of like), I usually just call it a curved hem. I know I have said this a million times before but I will buy anything and everything with a dolphin hem, I am 5'2 (on a good day) and can use any help I can get in the leg lengthening department. The dolphin hem shows a little extra leg and giving you the perfect amount of lengthening and elongating. It just adds that small detail to pieces that takes them one step above the rest. I especially love this hem in shorts because they tend to hug my legs and body a bit more than dresses, but skirts, and dresses also sometimes come with this dreamy hem, I have a similar skirt from JCrew Factory with this curved hem (seen here). 

Can we also talk about this clutch? This clutch is from a wonderful artisan and online shop called Walter & George. Handmade, leather for such an affordable price. I literally have been carrying this clutch with me everywhere since it arrived in the mail. Germany, Italy, Boston, Rhode Island and more! I love that this bag is getting better and better with time, the more I use it the more wrinkles and wear marks it gets. Melissa is the owner of W&G and she said a quote I just can't get out my my head, and it makes me so happy to find someone so genuine and real making amazing products like this one! Melissa: "I couldn't afford to buy myself a leather bag, so I decided to make one. You shouldn't have to go in debt to have cool things."  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dot Lace Pencil Skirt

Skirt: Banana Republic // Tank: Old Navy // Heels: Target // Necklace: Cherrypick c/o // Clutch: BCBG (a girl can dream)

I have been in the market for a cage skirt like this for quite some time to be honest. I have seen a ton from a handful of brands but I love this skirt from Banana Republic, and I got it 40% off (dah). The quality is out of control and my favorite part is that it is totally wearable, many of the styles I saw were not as wearable and much more statement than this skirt. I do love the skirts like this with the cute shorts under it, but really how often will I wear it in comparison to this skirt? It is the perfect white skirt with a little extra oomph! I paired it this time with a fun mint color tank and a pop of color but it would go perfect with my black and white obsession, and also an all white outfit for spring...ugh so so good! (p.s. I will get my hands on one of those shorts skirts....just cause they are too good!...leave comments if you know where I can get a good one!! #yolo)

Anyways so far this week I have been in Philly, I spent yesterday morning running my ass off to the rocky stairs, it was great. To be honest I am really enjoying the city of Philadelphia, it is very easy to navigate, tons of cute shops and such a great vibe. I am pleasantly surprised! Way to go Philly! I see you... ;)
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