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Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter Neutrals

Sweater: Banana Republic // Scarf: American Eagle // Jeans: Current Elliot // Booties: Nordstrom // Beanie: Primark // Sunglasses: LOFT

So long sweet winter..March is right around the corner, literally. I can't wait for the spring and summer. I can't wait to garden, flower weddings, and hopefully get a damn tan. I am legit so pale its scary! I am hoping Kev and I catch a break and run away to Florida for a weekend, but I won't hold my breath, but hey i'll keep my hopes alive. We could both really use some down time. 

I am obsessed with these jeans I got in NYC. They are Current Elliot and they were $10 a piece....what!?!?! I know! My sweater was only $20 from banana republic. I am all about neutrals right now, especially in the winter, I know most people go to black but this winter was about neutrals for me! I think this color palette will continue into spring and summer too. 

I know I will be shedding layers this spring and summer so I need to get my but back in gear in the gym. Being so busy that was the first thing to drop off the to do list, but that's super dangerous, not only for my bikini bod but for my mental health. Working out is a keep an eye out for more workout inspo from me!  =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maroon & Mustard: Winter Wind Down

Heels: DSW // All other pieces: Primark

So I took another hiatus. What else is new. Our life has been a bit all over the place and I have been struggling to keep everything together and organized. I am happy that the winter here is seeming to be winding down, but here in New England you really can never tell. We had a very mild winter compared to last winter where we were buried in snow taller than my car. I don't mind a mild winter, but I would like a little snow on Christmas and a few snow days from work here and there, I mean if I can't get that why do I live in New England? 

Lets talk about this outfit though, I did a large haul at Primark Boston before the holidays and I am still loving everything I ended up with. I have been trying to keep in mind my closet when shopping, I always seem to buy multiples of stuff because i'm like ohh this is cute...then I get home and have 4 others...Do you ever go through a phase where you just hate everything in your closet and are just not feeling it? I think I am in one of those ruts right now and I think that's why I have had trouble blogging. I LOVE change, I know its weird but my husband is the same way, I think whats why we live such a hectic life! lol I think I need to change it up..cut my hair..clean out my closet and get a fresh start. The end of the winter is the perfect time to do that....this out fit will say...for sure...others..yea those may be out! If I do a closet clean out i'll be sure to let you all know so you can buy my goodies on Primark or something similar! =) 

Happy Monday Ya'll, here's to that last week in February! 

p.s. this beanie tho...I got it in maroon and in white...oops!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Green Flannel

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy // Jeans: Primark // Booties: Target // Cross Body: TJ Maxx // Sunglasses: Kate Spade 

Plaid & distressed denim are clearly a got to for me for the fall and winter. The combo is easy and comfy for day to day. I really love the unexpected colors of this plaid flannel from Old Navy. It is a fun change from the red and navy plaids you usually see. 

p.s. did you see that thing on facebook about how bad it is to wear an elastic around your wrist...well I cant help it, and I really hope its not true, because if you take a close look at all my posts you can see that I have an elastic on my wrist in almost every single photo! Ugh, sorry not sorry! Girl's gotta have the option to put her hair up!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Long Grey Cardigan

Cardigan: TJ Maxx (similar) // Tee: Forever 21 // Jeans: Primark (similar $29) // Sunglasses: Kate Spade // Booties: Target (similar)

I am not sure if I am mourning because of the cold weather or if I just am really feeling black lately. I love the look of all one color under a long cardi, I saw an example of this outfit once in a magazine and tagged it as a must recreate outfit, and finally here we are.  I had been on the search for a long grey cardigan like this for a while, but being short made it sort of difficult, I finally came across this one at TJ Maxx that is making me happy but I would eventually like one a bit longer but it may be sort of hard to find, so if you have any suggestions please let a short girl know! I also cant stop wearing ripped jeans, like literally almost every day. I cant stop! HELP!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How To: Layered Long Sweater

Long Cardi: Banana Republic (similar) // LS Tee: TJ Maxx (similar less than $20) // Scarf: Primark (similar on sale) // Jeans: Primark (similar on sale) // Heels: Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Forever 21

Well it is officially freezing here in Mass, which calls many many layers and our new mantle with a faux fireplace to be on 24/7. I would say yesterday was the first day when walking the dog I began to run because it was too dang cold, I think even he wanted to run home! Yesterday also marked my 27th birthday. I managed to get through it with out too much fuss. more year closer to 30,  not that I think 30 is old, there is just so much that I want to get done before 30 rolls around. I guess the best thing to do is just keep your head down and keep trudging through the mud. 

I'm not going to say much about to look because its pretty straight forward, but I will give you all a tip I learned through being an observant blogger. I used to just put a cardigan on and that was that, but now I really think about what I am going to wear under it. I typically would never wear a long sleeve under it, mainly because I felt suffocated, or well though I did. I noticed some of my fav bloggers, Blair from Atlantic Pacific mainly, wearing long sleeves under their cardis  or jackets etc and I love the way the multiple layers looks. The little pop of color of whatever you are wearing. In my opinion it makes the outfit look extra finished. Try it next time, and if you already do this...well then you go glen coco.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Blush, Grey & White

Hat & Scarf: Primark // Sweater: J Crew (similar $19) // Jeans: Madewell (similar $51) // Booties: Steve Madden via T J Maxx // Necklace: LOFT // Watch: Michael Kors

I know I know, more Primark, but I can't help it. It's just too good. I am obsessed with these photos and this outfit. A good friend of mine has started to take some of my photos for me, they are so great right!! I hope you all enjoy them too! Thank you Magda! <3 It started to rain but they still came out amazing, which is quite the feat! 

I am not usually one to wear light colors in the fall, not for any specific reason but just because?  But I love all of the light layers in this outfit! I am totally feeling it and feel like I have been missing out this whole time! I really like the concept of tons lots of layers in similar colors, light grey, blush, & white are super trendy right now too, so why not mix them all into one fab outfit....I did spill on my pants before I even left the house but that is just inevitable and luckily you can't tell in the photos. YAY! But, I did go the whole day with my pants looking a hot mess...ugh! I am also loving the color of this fedora, I have been thinking of getting a black one but they always look better on blonds, so I opted for this grey color and am loving it, I think I may go back and see if they have a beige one, Brunettes UNITE!  

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