Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Wedding -- The Bride & Groom

The Bride: Justine 
The Groom: Kevin
Wearing: Black by Vera Wang
The Dress: Ramona Kevesa / The Veil: Custom  / Belts: Christina's Bridal (All via Christina's Bridal) / Earrings: Esty / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Hair: Milano's Salon / Makeup: Angelica @ Milanos Salon / Hair Piece: Etsy

First Dance: Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band

These are my all time favorite photos of the two of us from our wedding. I am super happy with the array of photos we have of the two of us, yes I wish there were more, but I think these capture us and our relationship very well. We are not super romantic, or serious, so us being all kissy and lovey would just look super forced which is not what we wanted or needed. 

This last photo is one of the only photos I have with my second belt on that I should have just worn the whole time, but you know I had to buy two belts and switch. I just want to let you all know how long and how stressful my wedding dress shopping process was. The problem was that I knew exactly what I wanted and I could not for the life of me find it. I tried on hundreds of dresses, I am not exaggerating -- I went to every dress place in New England and about a year and a few months in I went to Christina's Bridal by myself one day after work, alone and saw this dress hanging on the rack after I went there to see another dress, and knew immediately that this was the one. I loved the drama of the bottom of the dress, the lace details and the mermaid fit. It was dramatic but not to much so that I was wearing the dress and the dress wasn't wearing me. I adjusted the back a bit to have a deeper V-shape since I am small and had this image of what I would look like walking down the isle, I know I am nuts but I had to make that image come true. 

As I mentioned in the last post I knew what I wanted my veil to look like and I originally wanted a lace trimmed veil but we could not get the lace from my dress to make the trim, so I went with a rhinestone encrusted custom made veil with a long blusher that covered my flowers -- see the post from earlier today for the images. The veil was 8ft past the bottom of the gown, and to die for, I ended up wearing it for most of the night and just bustling it up for out first dance, and I am glad I got as much wear out of it as I did because, well it was expensive, and I just love the way brides look in veils, so I did not want to take it off! 

Here is one piece of advice as far as the dress goes -- mainly when it comes to alterations -- do what you want -- make the dress as loose, as tight, as low as high, with straps without straps. Yes the seamstress will push back and give you their opinion, but if you know what you want and what will make you comfortable, do it. I would have honestly made my dress a little tighter because I knew as the wedding came closer I would get stressed and loose weight, but the seamstress said I wouldn't be able to sit down, but as the night went on and my never worn wedding gown stretched, it would have been nice to have it just a little tighter. Honestly, I am probably the only person who noticed, but now that I have lived it, this is my advice to you brides out there! This is the most amazing dress you will probably ever wear -- make sure its perfect!

For details and links -- head over the Our Wedding -- The Details


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