Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1 Year Blogiversary & Italy = Perfect Combination

Dress: Zaful  c/o (similar) // Clutch: Walker & George c/o // Sandals: Target // Sunglasses: Retro Super Future via Ditto Endless Program

I have honestly still not come down from the high from my Italian vacation. I have never been to a more beautiful place and well I have never loved a place more than Montagna, Italy. While I only spent 2 nights those two nights are ones I will never forget. Montagna is nuzzled in northern Italy between Trento and Balzano.  It is about 3.5 hours south of Munich, Germany. The area is very much split between German and Italian culture, but it almost makes your time spent there even better. The efficiency of Germans with the beauty, food and wine of the Italians. I honestly would drop everything to move there, live off the land, grow grapes and drink wine....I could go on for days about Italy and how obsessed I am but I have some other fun info to share with you all! 

In other news: Today is officially my 1 year blogiversary!! I know this post is late but I didn't have time to have the post go live this morning, so I am writing this on my flight home to Boston. One year of blogging has been so amazing. In this short year I have learned so so much, I have so many great memories and I have had the chance to work with a ton of wonderful companies. I hope to have more success and continue to have fun in the next year and the many years to come after that. I still have a ton to learn, mainly in the photography and spelling space..(sorry about that!) but it can only get better from here! ;) I have told myself I will stop blogging when it starts to feel like work, and I start to despise what I do, but as of right now I am having a blast and for sure it has kept me very busy to say the least! While the blog may change with what I am interested in and my personal life. Thank you so much for following along and I hope you all still continue to follow and enjoy! <3 

p.s. yes there were chickens roaming the winery...I died.. <3 oh and this dress...I died again ;) p.s.s. sorry the dress is wrinkled, no iron in Italy...still love Montagna. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Chevron Midi Skirt At Nymphenburg Palace

Skirt: Zaful c/o // Tank: Free People // Heels: Zara (old) // Sunnies: Retro Super Future via Shop Ditto

How amazing is this Palace? It was the largest building I have ever seen in my life, it just kept going and going and going. I literally wish I could live here. Every time I go to places like this I know that I am supposed to live in the olden days, I just feel a rush of life when I go to places like this. I don't think I would behave as well as I should in those days, and I would have been in jail for arguing about women's rights and god's know what else. Munich was wonderful, my sister-in-law and I spent a few days  in Munich while my brother worked, before my amazing trip to Italy that I will tell and show you all soon. The Nymphenburn Palace was dreamy, the gardens were even more amazing than the palace, I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Germany or Munich. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved visiting. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Casual Summer // White Denim & A Tank

Tank: Primark (old) // Denim: Forever 21 // Button Down: American Eagle // Sunnies: Vintage 

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, I promise to make up for it these next few days. I have some good outfits for you from here in Munich. I landed Wednesday afternoon and have been going since then. These pics are from a beautiful day in Boston before I left, I was mainly swooning over the roses in the background. More soon I promise!! Flow along my adventures on Instagram! @sobeanie 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Striped Maxi

Maxi: Triple Thread Co c/o // Sandals: Target // Tote: Free People // Sunnies: Karen Walker

My weekend was crazy busy and it is not slowing down today -- I leave for Germany tomorrow evening, half of the time for work half for fun! I am meeting my brother and sister-in-law in Munich and we are heading to ITALY for the weekend. It just so happened to work out that they are going to be there the same time as me! What are the odds right? I am excited to spend some time with them because they live in the west coast and I don't see them, what is more fun than spending time together exploring Italy & Munich drinking wine and eating cheese!! I have been to Munich before seeing as I spend to much time in Germany for work, but I have never been to Italy and did not have much time to explore when I was in Munich last -- I am quite excited. Make sure you follow along on Instagram @sobeanie 
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